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Inspired by photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton, Vincent Peters and Szymon Brodziak this book explores strong femininity, sexuality, vulnerability and the beauty of the human body through 200 black and white pictures.

Monochrome isn‘t Haute Couture, fashion or portrait. It is my personal journey into beauty.




The Book
Format: 210mm x 297mm / 164 pages / 200 grams paper / thread stitched / Hardcover
First edition: 30 copies, stamped and hand numbered

Behind the Scenes


As always, I would like to take time to thank my incredible friends and family for all of their love and encouragement over the years. Personal projects at this size and scale are not done alone; they couldn’t be accomplished without their unwavering and continuous support.
MUSES: Lejla Deronja, Shayla Giap, Christina Grandl, Alexandra Grossbointner, Verena Hartl, Sarah Hoffmann, Olenka Jankovska, Nastya Katharina Lebed, Laura Lundgreen, Marta Lucarelli, Stella Mattutina, Stefanie Millinger, Denise Pecher, Paulina Rüdel
TALENTS: Yosliem Ariosa, Greg Chauvin, Nicky Laugani, Claus Wunsch
HAIR AND MAKE UP ARTISTS: Michelle Domhardt, Lisa Sophia Haas, Madeline Viehhauser
HELPING HANDS: Fabio Arnold, Gabriele Herzog, Tobias Renz, Michael Steinbacher, Tobias Wenzel
COOPERATIONS: Jigger Bar (Salzburg), Soulkitchen Group (Salzburg), 089 Studio (Munich), International Ballet School (Munich), Delía Studio (Rosenheim), Plattenbau (Berlin), Studio Blonde (Munich)
AGENCIES: Magic Models Management, Visage Models, Cyrus Models, Actors and Company, Louisa Models, Most Wanted Models, Le Modelmanagement