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NEON shows you glimpses of a fictive reality, which is corrupted by greed and technology. It’s story won’t tell you all the answers, because you’re supposed to fill in the gaps by yourself. Dream and be curious.

Thanks to befriended artists, who collaborated on styling, Illustrations and an official Soundtrack, this became the most ambitious project I’ve worked on. It combines influences from anime, manga, cyberpunk media and niche fashion themes such as techwear and fetish fashion to create a one of a kind coffee table book.

The Book
Format: 210mm x 297mm / 184 pages / 200g paper / thread stitched / Hardcover
First edition: 40 copies, hand-numbered

Cinematic Prints
Format: 600mm x 900mm / 234g FUJIFILM paper / matte finish

Illustrations by ALTERNATECYBORG
Format: 200mm x 300mm / matte finish

Behind the Scenes

Models: Marvin Stöcker, Ekatherina Roth, Luisa Penkalla, Verena Hartl, Tatjana Gipp, Nadya Petrova, Sandra Cienkowski, Ashley Amegan, Nina Hierhager, Somruedi Battemdee, Tessa Becker, Julia Neunig, Demi Daut, Annika Faulstroh, Marcia Voss, Maximilian Schwarzhuber, Bertile Fobid, Jana Stadelmann, Chrissie Seams,Bogdana Klymkovych, Michelle Stefan, Jerome K. Djososu, Maria Park, Stefan Erlenbach-Freudenberg
Illustrations: Dilara Özden
Soundtrack: Floyd Mthembu
Animations: Fabio Arnold
Hair & MakeUp: David Dorella
3D Compositing: Miro Moric
Set Photography: Fabio Arnold, Tobias Renz, Pauline Våge, Michelle Stefan, Felix Fay
Helping Hands: Christian Lanzinger, Michelle Stefan
Brand Cooperations: Aoku, Lisa Wagner Fashion Design, Brillen Wohlfart, Queens Tabledance Munich, Zahnmedizin Dr.Spitz
Locations: Prague, Katowice, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Rosenheim, Salzburg, Barcelona