2021 - 2023


A new beginning
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    2021 - 2023

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    Concept, Design, Photography

Sól – A New Beginning
The year is 2050 and the world is a very different place. Due to a drastic shift in society, technology was used to clean the smog-filled skies and polluted waterways. Instead, the air is clean and fresh, and the oceans are teeming with life.

This transformation was made possible by the tireless efforts of people all over the world who came together to address the most pressing problems facing our planet. Climate change was tackled head-on, with the implementation of clean energy sources and drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Nature was able to thrive once again and with it wildlife regained its strength and diversity. Many people even chose to live in harmony with nature, building homes and communities in the midst of wild landscapes. Gone are the megacities of the past. Communication and collaboration were also greatly enhanced through the use of reconfigurated technology, allowing people to connect with each other and work together towards common goals no matter where they were located.

People had come to understand and appreciate the natural beauty of the human body. The toxic cultural norms and objectification of the past had been left behind, and people were free to express themselves and their sexuality in whatever way felt comfortable and authentic to them.

This shift was accompanied by a greater understanding and acceptance of the diversity of human bodies and a recognition that all bodies are worthy of respect and celebration. People were free to embrace their bodies and their sexuality without fear of judgment or discrimination, and this contributed to a greater sense of intimacy and connection within society.

This is „Sól“ – my ongoing photoseries and a „what if“ scenario of a world in harmony

[sɔuːl] is Phonetic spelling for „Sól“, which means Sun in Faroese.


  • Production Year

    2021 - 2023

Sól is currently being produced in Germany and Austria.


  • Production Year

    2021 - 2023

Some behind the scenes shots. Thanks to everyone for such a great time!

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