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Freelancing since 2009

Born in 1989, raised in Bavaria.
Professional Creative since 2009.

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Every personal project I work on, is related to the circumstances of my life at that time. However, I don’t document the real world – instead I cast talents (actors, models, or first time talents) to create a whole new reality.


I create experiences through immersive, multi-sensory storytelling and a narrative-driven approach.

For me, it’s not just a single image, a single project, or a single coffee table book. It’s a whole world I‘m creating.

From choosing the right location, to on set props, the right model, hair and make up, styling – every part is important and it doesn’t even stop at the setup. I also curate music playlists, create color palettes and a tone and voice guideline for each project.

My professional background in High-End Postproduction and Design helps me to achieve a very distinct look. No matter if shot analogue or digital, it will always look like me.

Thanks to my long career in the creative Industry, I made a lot of great connections with other artists, who I’m constantely collaborating with.


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