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Freelancing since 2009

Born in 1989, raised in Bavaria.
Professional Creative since 2009.

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Every personal project I work on, is related to the circumstances of my life at that time. However, I don’t document the real world – instead I cast talents (actors, models, or first time talents) to create a whole new reality.


As a self-taught photographer based in Munich, I have honed my craft and developed a distinctive approach to photography. My signature style goes beyond the conventional boundaries of color or medium, instead emphasizing my unique perspective and lighting techniques. With a professional background deeply rooted in advertising and fashion, my photography is known for its graphic and concept-driven nature. The primary focus of my work revolves around strong, empowered women, whom I aim to capture and elevate through my artistic vision.

My creative process is not limited to the creation of individual images or projects; it extends to crafting immersive, multi-sensory experiences through narrative-driven storytelling. I meticulously curate every aspect, from selecting the perfect location to assembling props, models, hair and makeup, and styling, all of which play a pivotal role in my work. My attention to detail encompasses elements like music playlists, color palettes, and tone and voice guidelines that are tailored to each specific project.

With a background in High-End Postproduction and Design, I’ve successfully developed a unique visual identity that remains consistent, whether I’m working with analog or digital techniques. My extensive career in the creative industry has led to valuable collaborations with fellow artists, enriching my work through ongoing partnerships.






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