It‘s days like these that make us happy
  • Production Year

    2016 - 2017

  • Skills

    Concept, Design, Photography

I wanted to create intimate portraits of strangers in their own home with natural light only. To achieve this goal, I reached out to models, who were total strangers to me and who I‘ve never worked with or met in person prior to this shoot. Each Chapter introduces and explores one encounter and gives context to the photos.


  • Year


  • Details

    126 pages | 205x270 | Hardcover

  • Edition

    10 copies

I created the concept of Sundaze to showcase my photography and storytelling skills. It was also my first step into the selfpublishing world and sold out within a few weeks.
It shipped to 8 cities in different 3 countries.
"A state of mind or place often associated with Sunday‘s that promotes well-being and relaxation.
Combine the positive energy and warmth of water and sunshine and you‘ll be in a „Sundaze“ state of mind."


    Denise, Nastya, Silvia, Lisa Maria, Naomi, Martina, Verena, Vany, Lea, Isabella


    Lisa Sophia Haas

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